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We consider all of you a priority to all of us. No matter what our specified responsibilities and titles are, our company goal is to see you through this incredible journey as smoothly and with the most support possible. This is why you would likely hear from all of us at one time or another as we work as a team to always be available to our Intended Parents, Donors and Surrogates.  Our passion truly is you and your growing family.

    Mollie Huyck

    Intended Parent Case Manager

    Mollie’s job is to provide support to intended parents as they navigate this exciting journey to parenthood.
    Her journey with infertility led to seeking more knowledge, understanding and relationships within the medical profession and communities. With a background in wellness and nursing for the past 14 years combined she seeks to meet intended parents and surrogates where they are at advocating on their behalf during their special and unique journey through Surro Connections. With an understanding of this journey she brings support, empathy and compassion to those she humbly serves.
    Mollie is a wife, infertility and adoption advocate, outdoor enthusiast and hopeful intended parent through embryo adoption and surrogacy.

      Stephannie Stephens

      Surrogate Support Manager

      Stephannie’s primary job is to assist with recruiting and screening our gestational surrogates. Through various interviews and screening processes she is able to ensure each candidate meets all of our requirements and is ready to begin her journey. Stephannie continues to support many of these carriers throughout their journey with our agency and enjoys being able to offer them the one on one support they deserve. She also manages all of our social networking and basic marketing to ensure Surro Connections is out in the community and available to educate, support and celebrate the beauty behind gestational surrogacy.

      Stephannie is married and a mom to 5 wonderful kids. She has also completed a wonderful journey as a gestational surrogate herself.

      Her extensive background in supporting the whole family through their early childhood education experience adds to her passion for her current position here in our office. She is currently working towards her degree in Human Services!

        Megan Hall

        Founder and Executive Director

        Megan founded Surro Connections after seeing first-hand the need for this unique company both Domestic and Internationally. Her vision & leadership are the heart of our organization. It is her commitment and passion that truly serves as the foundation of our agency’s approach.

        Megan is directly involved with every Intended Parent and Surrogate Mother who becomes a part of Surro Connections, giving each of you the attention you deserve through this very personal process. She has both a professional and personal investment in your experience, ensuring your comfort regardless of the services provided. Megan is passionate and eager to see your dreams of a growing family come true, and also has great appreciation for the women giving the gift of Surrogacy.

        Megan is the mother of 3 beautiful children, 1 born through IVF and has been a Gestational Surrogate for other three families as well. Her experience in deeply rooted careers after graduating with her MBA in both Business Administration and Accounting were not nearly as fulfilling as the work she does today with each individual involved in Surro Connections.  She has also met all qualifications to be a Mediator within the State of Oregon.

        Megan is passionate about using her resources and knowledge to make your dreams of becoming a parent, your reality.

          Jennifer Lucas

          Surrogate Support Coordinator

          Jennifer’s job is the ongoing support of the matched surrogates in our program at Surro Connections.

          She takes her role as your advocate very seriously by checking in with you regularly, answering your questions, explaining and supporting appointments made on your behalf and encouraging you on this one of a kind journey. Your comfort as a surrogate is her main priority. Jennifer regularly checks in with Megan & Heather with updates on your progress and promptly addresses any concerns or questions that come to light.

          Jennifer is married and a mother of two children and an experienced Gestational Surrogate for International Intended Parents. She is a wonderful support, always available and cares so deeply about ensuring your journey is as pleasant as hers was.

              Aimee Nemeyer

              Surrogate Case Manager

              Aimee’s position with Surro Connections is to help support our gestational surrogates as they enter the phase of preparing for transfer while supporting them through their entire pregnancy. Having been a gestational carrier twice now, one set of twins and a singleton she is very familiar with both the personal and professional side of these journeys. Aimee enjoys helping change people’s lives in a positive direction and hopes to help surrogates have a wonderful surrogacy journey just as she did herself.

              Aimee wil also work with recruiting and helping to bring in newly qualified gestational surrogates to help match with excited intended parents ready to begin their journey. She has been an advocate for gestational Surrogacy and surrogates all over the country for years sharing her experiences and advice offering resources and support when needed.

              Aimee has an adoring husband and a house full of 4 boys ages 14, 12, 8 and 6. She has been married for 16 years to a very supportive husband who chooses to be on these journeys with her. In her free time she enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling and exploring the outdoors with her family.

                Heather Morgan

                Operations Manager

                Heather’s job as our office Administrative Assistant is to support our entire team not only in the regular happenings of our business but in all of the behind the scenes operations as well. Heather keeps everything running smoothly helping to coordinate travel for our surrogates and intended parents, managing accounting, general organization and supporting the entire team of gestational surrogates and intended parents as requests present themselves. Providing an immeasurable amount of support to our Executive Director, Heather is an invaluable part of our team!

                Heather is a wife and mom to 3 beautiful children. She came to us with many years of experience as an administrative assistant and an incredible vision for our company and her role. She is eager to support our new and existing clients on their journeys to parenthood!

                  Tina Allen

                  Executive Assistant

                  Tina is our administrative assistant whose job it is to support all of our office staff, intended parents and surrogates through a successful journey! She takes her job as one of our agency advocates very seriously and with great excitement!

                  Tina is married to a wonderful man and has two children ages 22 & 13. Her own experience and struggle with infertility brings a sense of compassion to her position. She is driven by her passion and those experiences to bring you the best surrogacy journey possible. Her extensive background in administrative work and even real estate appraising brings organization and many innovative ideas to keep our team supported and motivated.

                  In Tina’s free time she loves spending time with family and friends outdoors in this beautiful state of Oregon!




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