Becoming A Surrogate Mother

How To Be A Surrogate Mother With A Surrogacy Agency

Surrogate and FamilyAt Surro Connections, we walk with you through the inherent difficulties of being a surrogate mother. That is one of many reasons why people choose to work with an agency. We go beyond our legal responsibilities, and dedicate ourselves to stepping through the process with each individual involved. All of us at Surro Connections have been Surrogates before and understand the journey you are about to take. It is important to us that the experience is warm, positive and safe for everyone.

Becoming a Surrogate mother takes a tremendously generous heart. But, honestly, you will find many challenges to face along the incredible journey that are impossible to prepare for. There are numerous physical, emotional, and legal issues involved, and the compensation is not always proportional to these difficulties. For all these things, we are grateful to you; and, we pledge to be by your side.

To best meet our Surrogates’ needs, each of our Surrogates has an individual Surrogate Coordinator on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide weekly check-ins without being overbearing or intrusive.

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  How Surrogacy Works

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