Intended Parents

What Exactly is an Intended Parent

Intended Parents are couples or individuals who hope or intend to add a child to their family. There are many options to consider. However, if you think surrogacy might be the right path to parenthood for you, the Surro Connection team is here to help you start down the path to parenthood.


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After you’ve read through out website, there are additional resources that can help you get an even deeper understanding of fertility, egg donation and surrogacy. We have a long list of books on various topics related to surrogacy that we think you may find helpful.

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At Surro Connections our number one priority is the safety and health of our Gestational Carriers and Intended Parents.

With the recent news and ever-changing recommendations by the Center of Disease Control we are taking our role in continuing that priority very seriously. Because of the COVID-19 activity, our agency is making case-by-case decisions and taking very serious precautions to ensure the continued health and safety of our clients.

Due to the recent travel restrictions, we are ensuring that every Gestational Carrier who is due soon, and whose intended parents are unable to fly in for the birth, have extra support. Anyone with an upcoming delivery date will have a plan of action that includes on-call support to help should baby arrive before Parents. We are asking our Gestational Carriers to take extra precautions and to follow the CDC guidelines for their own health and safety.

Our team will continue to work around the clock providing extra support and updates as news develops.